Lash Volume Lift

Wimperlift Amsterdam

Lasts six to eight weeks That’s a lot of days to have your natural lashes-on-fleek

  • Your own lashes with more Volume & Lift

  • Treatment takes about 60-90 minutes

  • Solo treatment (1 pers.) € 85,-

  • Duo treatment (2 pers.) € 75,- per person

  • Including lash tint on request (free)

  • Resistant to water, sweat, tears, sea, etc.

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More Info

Lash Volume Lift (LVL) is an eyelash treatment that lifts the natural lashes.

In the LVL treatment the eyelashes are lifted from the root. This makes the eyelashes look longer and thicker. In addition, the added eyelash tint gives a mascara effect, making them perfect from the moment you wake up. The shape stays for at least 6 – 10 weeks.

Your eyelashes are lifted with the latest LVL lifting technology, this treatment uses silicone shields. First your eyelashes will get 3 layers of lash-permanent. Then we apply a layer of shade so that your eyelashes look even longer and thereby also get volume, the natural mascara look. At Allure by Nancy we always have the right shield sizes.

This unique treatment is suitable for every type of eyelash, both short and long. Because a silicone shield is used, this treatment is not harmful to your eyelashes. In addition, this treatment gives complete nutrition to your eyelashes from the hair root bags. The eyelashes are lifted more than with regular eyelash permanent treatments.

This is a solution for customers who want a fuller effect than just mascara, without eyelash extensions. It is a very popular treatment because it requires little maintenance.


€ 85,-