Trial Lashes

Wimperextensions Amsterdam

Half set of eyelashes extensions, Give it a try!

  • Lasts max 2 weeks

  • Each eye gets approx 35 – 50 lash extensions

  • This treatment takes about 30 – 45 minutes

  • Half set of lash extensions

  • The result is very natural

Refill / Touch-up not possible after this treatment!

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More Info

If you do not yet know if eyelash extensions are for you. Then you can opt for these trial lashes (trial eyelash extensions).

With this treatment, not all of your natural lashes get an eyelash extension. Normally people have an average of 100 to 250 natural lashes per eye. With the trial lashes treatment only 30 to 50 eyelash extensions are applied. So you can try it out and get used to wearing eyelash extensions.

Because few extensions are applied with this treatment we do not offer a refill treatment afterwards.


€ 55,-